Children’s Books

I’ve written and illustrated several locally published children’s books. You can purchase an autographed copy  from my website store here.

Grandpa’s Battleship Missouri Tour – written and illustrated by Jeff Langcaon

Grandpa takes his granddaughter’s class on a tour of the Battleship Missouri and explains how he was stationed on the ship that played a big part in US history.

Super Puffy – written by Laurie Ide & Illustrated by Jeff Langcaon

This entertaining children’s book published by Mutual Publishing was nominated for a 2005 Ka
Palapala Po’okela Award for Excellence in Children’s Illustrative Books by the Hawai’i Book Publishers Association

Grandpa’s Magic Banyan Tree – written and illustrated by Jeff Langcaon

A Grandfather reminisces about his favorite banyan tree one day while picking up his grandson from school. Entertained by his grandfather’s stories, the grandson asks his grandfather to take him to visit the special tree. Together they learn that you are never too old to climb trees, fly to outer space, search for sea monsters and dragons, and share the joy and magic of imagination.

Grandpa’s Magic Banyan Tree was nominated for a 2006 Ka Palapala Po’okela Award for Excellence in Children’s Books by the Hawaii Book Publishers Association.

Where’s Kimo? – written and Illustrated by Jeff Langcaon

Find Kimo, his dog Poi, and their friends as they visit famous locations in Hawaii. The book contains nine full two-page illustrations filled with hundreds of little characters in assorted humorous activities. Visit the Where’s Kimo? page here.

MOPOP – Marvel Universe of Super Heroes Exhibition

I visited the Marvel Universe of Super Heroes Exhibition at the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle this past weekend, and I wanted to share some of the photos of the assorted displays and original art and movie props that caught my eye. The exhibit is open through January 9, 2019 and if you’re able to drop by and see it, I highly recommend it.

There were several life-sized figures of Marvel characters that you could pose with:

There were also quite a few movie props and costumes from the recent Marvel movies.

I was most impressed by the assortment of amazing original artwork from many of the classic ‘Silver Age’ comics.

All in all, if you’re a fan of Marvel comics, there’s a lot here to see and appreciate.  You can visit the website for the exhibition here.