Commissioned Art / Caricatures / Draw You As A Superhero!

COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! Contact me here to request a drawing.

I’m currently taking art commissions and caricature requests.  One of my most popular requests is Draw You As a Superhero! where I can draw you as your favorite super-character.  I can also do caricatures, or even just a special drawing of any character by request.


Commissioned Art Prices:

Draw You as a Superhero and Special Character Drawings:

Single Person – Head & upper body – B&W: $55 – full color $80

Two People – Head & upper body –  B&W: $75 – full color: $100

(prices include shipping)

Send me a note to inquire for pricing for a multi-character illustration.

I’ll need a large, clear headshot of the person(s) being drawn, in a 3/4 view. (Don’t look straight at the camera, but turn so that your cheekbone is facing the lens directly.)  Let me know which hero(es) you want to be drawn as, and include any other special requests.  it’s always better if you can provide some reference material so that the costume and other details match up to what you have in mind.

Contact me here to request a drawing.

One thought on “Commissioned Art / Caricatures / Draw You As A Superhero!

  1. Dear Jeff,

    I have just stumbled upon your website. I find this to be an amazing opportunity, I enjoyed viewing your work. My son, Jackson, is turning 3 years old on November 2nd. I was wondering if you were able to draw my family of four as superheroes in one drawing?

    Thank you for your time. Very respectfully,

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